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In 1991, somewhere in the alps two hikers went off trail to get some adventure ~approx 3000 meter above sea level. Little did they know that what they will find next would change the course of history. They soon came to the part of the mountain where they saw a dead body sticking out of the ice, his left arm was under his head, he was lying on his stomach, half buried in the ice. They alerted the authorities and soon the police arrived and started getting the body out; everyone was assuming that some other hiker or mountain climber met their fate as the body was preserved perfectly with all his skin, teeth, eyeballs etc; it looked like a recent demise. But what they found was mind boggling. They saw tattoos all over the body, all the clothes were made from animal skin, a copper axe, a bow and an arrow, a pouch of herbs, grass socks, his flint knife. They realized the body was not just old but ancient. He was named Otzi.

Everyone was fascinated by this discovery. There were many questions to answer: what happened to him? where he come from? what was he doing so high in the mountain? how he died? how the body was preserved? The finding was an archaeological gold mine; this lead to a political tussle of which country this ancient corpse belong to - the Austrians said he belongs to them based on where he was found but finally the Italians took it.

A whole museum is built around him; teams of scientists are dedicated in preserving and researching about him. Books and lot of documentaries have been published since. The famous "Brad Pitt" has Otzi’s tattoo on his arm. Scientists were trying everything they could get their hands on with all the advanced medical equipment to piece his story together all the while handling him delicately as they do not want to destroy the preserved history.

In summer of 2001 one of the scientist was looking at the CAT scan for the nth time and noticed an arrow head made of stone in his shoulder blade and the thing blew up as a murder mystery. Slowly and gradually more evidence came to light which were the missing pieces of his story and this is thus far we know.

He was a 45 year old man when he died, A short height fellow with a body equivalent to a modern day wrestler; highly built calves muscles and the important information of it all - he was 5300 years old. Before all the civilizations as we know of today and all the religions as we follow today were not even conceived. The intestines and guts which elaborate his story in more details about the last day.

It was an early summer and he was really high up in the mountain for some reason and then he came down around 1500 meters something happened to his village where he was in a fight, or maybe other tribes attacked his village; but he got a very deep cut in his hand as if he was saving himself. A very deep and painful wound; He then went back up in the mountain bleeding for a day and half. He was running towards the mountains, and went very high up around 3000 meters evading his enemy. Finally, his time was up. Someone or a group was following him and they shot the deadly arrow which lodged in his shoulder caused internal trauma and then his enemy came over broke the arrow out and smashed a rock into his head and Otzi bled to death in 20 mins.

After maybe 1 hour everything was covered in snow and then in one month it became ice. Then comes the summer and the ice melted. It provided just enough sunshine to thaw the body and then again covered it in ice. This cycle went on in a way preserving his body. In the rest of the world the time was flying. Pyramids were errected; rise and fall of Rome; Buddhism, Christianity and many other religion came into existence; then came the dark ages; which was replaced by the renaissance; then the industrial revolution and all the people born and died before 1991 and Otzi waited for 5300 years; When he was alive he must had all the fears, hopes and aspiration as someone you and me. Even today we are poking and prodding his body beyond his grave because we have this undeniable urge to find something new which will then provide some solace to us. Even though Otzi suffered a lot, the torture that he endured wandering without food and water tell us something. May be he was a king or may be he was a hero.

Image Credit: http://www.iceman.it