Elon's Rocket Taxi - What are you missing?

Posted in Uncategorized by navjinder on 01 October 2017

Elon's talk in Adelaide at the space conference has caused lots of chaos among the thinkers and space experts which is a usual thing by him. Yes, I am talking about the rocket taxi idea he has shown at the end of his talk i.e. going from one continent to another on a rocket. That is what I would be talking about in this post.

I know the more you think about it the more it seems absurd. The natural consensus of the internet and the thinkers in general are going nuts about the feasibility of the project. For example Wired’s article title although catchy but it also speaks the same "OK, 'plan' is a stretch. Musk didn’t go into any of the details, like when he might do this, or where, or how."

All the space connoisseurs are talking about that "how expensive it could be?"; "how complex the operation would be?"; "The g-force would make everybody on board to throw out their guts" and list goes on. These problems need to be tackled and solved, I give you that, but what I feel inspired me and I am sure is the thing the rocket industry needs is that magic to imagine and to believe the impossible. It has to grab you by the shoulders and show you the future. It should take you to a place where you feel powerful. It has to fuel the next generation dreamers/engineers/makers. That is what it did to me this very thought that what if you could go to any continent in the world under one hour. Now go imagine a solution.

Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash