T-shirt Designs by Navjinderism.com - 'Go Banana'

Posted in design by navjinder on 17 July 2016

I have my side project www.navjinderism.com where I often upload my endeavors in art and poetry. Now I have also opened my own T-shirt design shop in case someone really like my work on a t-shirt. Altough I am not able to wrap my head around it that someone needs my designs on their t-shirt, I just want to give it a shot in case. www.threadless.com came to the rescue at an apt time when I was considering to indulge myself in such an enterprise. Hopefully I could produce some good designs in the process. So far I have uploaded one design titled 'Go Banana'; It has been more than a year since I went vegan and I am loving it so far; this design is just a play on the word 'going bananas' but here the t-shirt urge others to go vegan by saying 'Go Banana'. Get it today [shipped worldwide; paypal accepted; many colors to choose from]. Go Banana Tshirt Sample