'Vichar' a Punjabi word translates to: thought, idea, concept, view, opinion; reflection, imagination; consideration, consultation, deliberation; feeling; notion; superstition.

Fetch Recursively in JS

This solution is used while working with Dreamfactory API which has an offset function to display results as paginated. Below is the function which helps to fetch and load all the results

Qissa - A Punjabi Podcast

The idea behind this podcast is to provide audio versions of some of the best Punjabi literary works. Every month 2 to 3 episodes would be released. This effort would be successful if through the


In 1991, somewhere in the alps two hikers went off trail to get some adventure ~approx 3000 meter above sea level. Little did they know that what they will find next would change the course of

There are more microbial species on Earth than stars in the sky

For centuries, humans have endeavoured to discover and describe the sum of Earth’s biological diversity. Scientists and naturalists have catalogued species from all continents and oceans, from the

Elon's Rocket Taxi - What are you missing?

Elon's talk in Adelaide at the space conference has caused lots of chaos among the thinkers and space experts which is a usual thing by him. Yes, I am talking about the rocket taxi idea he has shown

Digital Portrait Sketch - Fine Art Print (Unique Gift)

Give your loved ones a unique gift: A digital . portrait as fine art. High quality professional print to your doorstep. Choose from different sizes and it will be shipped to your home in 1-3 weeks.

Line Plot Epic - a web comic

I have finally started my comic, a dream I had for years and so far 2 episodes are up. I have chosen the Web Toons platfrom which is easy to use and really makes posting episodes like a breeze. Plus

T-shirt Design - DREAM_JOB

This is my second T-shirt design on my threadless store named DREAM_JOB which will amuse the developer/coder in you. Are you really lazy, then you must become a developer. Get your t-shirt today.

T-shirt Designs by - 'Go Banana'

I have my side project where I often upload my endeavors in art and poetry. Now I have also opened my own T-shirt design shop in case someone really like my work on a t-shirt.

Hello! Multiverse

I have a strong feeling that the theory of multiverse could be true; and it will be proved one day. I am wagering on it because of the human scientific pedigree and I think I might win; if you are